Discover the Cities via Chiefs
What is Citiletter?

The people who know the cities best are either the locals and the travellers. We have called them as “chief” and our story was started… 

With Citiletter; everything about of the cities is handled via articles written by the chiefs. You can discover the cities, meet with the chiefs, read their articles and send a message to them!

You don't have to waste your time to research for your next trip on the internet amidst pieces of information that written by professional authors who sit down at their office table without touching the cities. We provide you real peoples and real experiences to learn more about cities, freely. Our main goal is to bring together all who have the spirit of love for the cities.

Are you a wanderlust? If you feel ready, you can become a chief too. Our chiefs are coming from all around the world - for now - :) Every chief writes the article about cities that wherever they want, talks with people who ask a question via chat, and thus experiences benefits of this great community. Chiefs don't have to speak English well. Citiletter also enables to make a practice of improving their language skills for all beginners.


Is the sound good to you? Feel free to apply for becoming a chief. (Are you a Blogger? We also offer an opportunity to promote you)