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4 suggestions for travelers on foot around Belgrade City

Belgrade - Author City Chief: Ahmet Uğur

When you think the centre of Balkans, most probably Serbia comes to mind. When you think the touristic centre of Serbia, Belgrade welcomes you not only with tasty and enjoyable places but also with historical and modern locations, ironically. 

Although Belgrade has multidirectional features for travellers, researchers or tourists, you should keep in mind some information that we will explain about travelling in Belgrade on foot.

1. Using an off-line map application on the mobile phone is an advantage for travelling on foot around Belgrade. Because being lost in streets will be in a moment. As you keep in mind and follow up the main streets, you will minimize being lost. Especially at late night time, you possibly can find no person on small streets. Even if you lost in streets, you can always find street foods around you, surprisingly.

2. Belgrade is the best place to travel on foot, especially starting from Knez Mihaliova Street.  Up to sunset time, exploring city’s hidden energy at some locations such as Nikola Tesla Museum, Temple of Saint Sava will make you ready to watch the sunset at Beton Hala. Gastronomic and delicious experiences are waiting for you at Beton Hala. There are lots of Italian, Mediterranian themed restaurants, bars that advisable. However, it is not suggestible for local flavours.  

3. Watching the sunset at the junction of Tuna and Sava Rivers at Beton Hala is a romantic, emotional and restful face of Belgrade. Renting a bicycle at Beton Hala side may be an alternative travelling on foot. Although there is not much more traffic, renting a car in the city is not suggestible. Because Belgrade is extremely available for self-guided walking tour and travel around the city. 

4. For historical experiences, USCE Shopping Centre and surroundings are not recommended. Because as to be understood of location’s name, it is a modern face of Belgrade, “New Belgrade”. After Sightseeing of all around the centre of the city, it can be easily concluded that Sava River is hosting the modern and historical aspects of Belgrade.

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