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All in One City: Kyiv

Kyiv - Author City Chief: Emre

Kyiv is the best city for having a tour that includes culture, gastronomy and entertainment in it. Yet the best part of the city is you can do all of them in one day as every street you cross has the opportunity to present you new chances. So how do I visit most of the places in just one day? You can read it below. 

Boryspil International Airport and Transportation

My first impression for Kyiv is that there is a language barrier for those who do not know Russian/ Ukrainian and this can be seen precisely while taking a cab from Uber or Uklon. The driver of Uber couldn’t understand English and waited in the wrong place for twenty minutes. So, visitors should think about alternative ways to communicate with the local people for misunderstanding option. (Maybe Translate)

On the other hand, these are the cheapest and safest options for transportation while travelling around the city. It costs me 289 UAH (Grivna) from Boryspil Airport to Kreschatik Street, which is the most famous avenue of the city.  I do not recommend taking a normal cab in Kyiv, as they can be fraud. 

If you want to walk between the destinations it’s also possible and I don’t even use metro or bus because of the good weather in the city. 

Secret Gardens of Gastronomy in Kyiv and How to Find Them

As I arrived in Kreschatik Street at 10.30 a.m, I and my friend focused on the restaurants and the cafes that are close by to the street. So I searched for the map I marked beforehand and decide on the Milk Bar which seemed to be the best option for a breakfast. Milk Bar is famous for its desserts and the waiters in pyjamas basically. However, you can enjoy the variety of options for breakfast or freshly squeezed juices in the menu. Prices are above the expectation but it truly worth to experience a breakfast there. 

Our next destination at lunch is True Burger which is a quite cheap and delicious in terms of the burgers and side dishes. You can also order alcoholic beverages in this restaurant. 

If you want to try some local food in Kyiv my choice will be Kanapa Restaurant which is great to experience for a dinner with best presentations and new tastes. There is also a secret part of the restaurant that sits near to the forest for couples or groups to enjoy. 

After Kanapa, you can visit Lviv Handmade Chocolate which is very close to this restaurant. One can eat different types of handmade chocolates and chocolate infused drinks like coffee or tea. 

Kyiv is a great opportunity for street food and you can find it every corner in the city. There are various stands like barbeques, hot dogs and desserts which seem to be clean. 

Cultural Heritages and Prominent Areas of the City

As a start, I should say that I’m a fast-paced visitor who travels quickly and to be honest my visits seems to be overbroad as I don’t go inside the most of the destinations. 

I started with St. Micahel’s Golden-Domed Cathedral and continue with St. Sophia’s Cathedral which seems to be quite magical and impressive with the gold decorations. Then we continue our visit with the famous Golden Gate but I should say that there is not much to see in this as you can spend mostly 15 minutes here. We finished our first cultural trip with this place and visited Taras Schevchenko Park which was very crowded and delightful.

In my second day, I visited Pecherevsk Lavra, Motherland Monument and Mariinsky Palace. 

If you want to visit these three places, you should first start with Motherland Monument to see how fascinating a statue could be. The monument is surrounded by replica tanks and soldier statues.

After visiting Motherland Monument, you can go through Pecherevesk Lavra, which is a quite long road to succeed. It’s an enormously complex and includes various types of cathedral inside the area. There is a cave in the destination but because I couldn’t understand foreign signboards I failed to find the entrance of the cave. So you may ask for help to find your way in here. 

At last, we arrived at Mariinsky Palace and park of the area which one could enjoy the view from the top point. There is a big park here to enjoy nature and relax.

Never Ending Nights of Kyiv

As I experienced the nightlife of the city, the first thing that I understand is focusing on the bars rather than the clubs to give a start of my night an early booster. There are plenty of good destinations to visit like Alchemist Bar (It may be full according to time), The Bar and Buddha Bar (also turns out to be a good club). These three will make you ready for the fascinating nightlife of the Kyiv to enjoy all night along. 

I visited two clubs which were SkyBar and Sorry Babuschka. SkyBar is a quality club surrounded with good decoration and sound system. The music here was also good and it totally worth to choose this club for the night. They took 250 Grivna for one people in the entrance and it was enough to enjoy all night in there. 

I didn't like Sorry Babushka because of its music type and the service there was not very good to be a fan of. It has a big dancing area and most of the people here were drunk enough to show their crazy skills in there. Therefore, you may look for another place to continue your night. We paid 200 Grivna at the entrance for one people. 

If I come again to Kyiv my destinations for the night would be Avalon, CHI and D.Fleur. These places are known for the best nightclubs of the Kyiv. 

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