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Berlin: A Turkish capital of Europe

Berlin - Author City Chief: İsmail

The most crowded Turkish community population lives in Berlin which is the capital of Germany. This city is über* multicultural. There are people who come from different countries of continents. Especially Turkish people in Berlin makes difference on city’s cultural pattern. 

After II. World War, Germany need more immigrant workers to set more factories and develop the industry of the country. Turkish people were one of the first options. After that more Turkish citizens immigrated to Germany for rest of their family. After 3-4 generations Turkish culture became more permanent. Because of the Berlin’s special divided situation, it was easy to enter the country from Berlin. Many artists and immigrants have moved to Berlin in time. Now the city is more united. Integration is the first and most important topic in the city. That’s why Turkish politicians and people lead the other nationalities to become more united and integrated Berlin, Germany. 

The city’s most popular multicultural district is Kreuzberg which is main Turkish kiez* full of immigrants, tourists, and artist from all around the world. Mainly Kottbusser Tor area of Kreuzberg is famous for its popular cafe and bars. For example, the most famous food place Mustafa’s Gemüse Döner Kebap locates in Kreuzberg. There is always long line at least 100 meters which include many tourists and Döner kebap addicted locals. In addition, you can find many famous Turkish food restaurants all around of Berlin. On the other hand, if you want to take a walk around the canal. Moreover, there is Turkish bazaar on two days of the week. You can buy fresh foods or Turkish homemade products. You will see how colourful and friendly atmosphere full of international visitors.

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