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Food in land of fire!

Baku - Author City Chief: AIESEC

Food is an essential thing in our life. As we all know there are verities of food in one country, think about all the food from all around the world. For this part of the blog, we are going to introduce Azerbaijani food for you from different perspectives. For the last few days, we had a good amount of time with local people here in Baku, tasting their local food, from breakfast to dinner learning an overwhelming amount of things about its importance, being not only a biological function but a deep part of their culture and traditions. We hope you find what you are looking for.

Having 9 climate zone in Azerbaijan out of the 11 ones known in the world resulted in a richness of their cuisine, going from the salty to the sweet, from the acid to the smooth.


Azerbaijani traditional breakfast is very appetizing. To be fair quite copious. The main ingredient in every Azerbaijani breakfast is tandoori bread which is a bread baked in a clay oven called Tandoor. Some types of yoghourts and creamy cheeses with herbs, honey and jam are to be spread on the bread. There are many dishes composing these breakfasts such as special egg pie called “kuku”. It’s basically vegetables with chicken or fish in larger quantity than eggs. Another egg based popular breakfast dish is Pomidor qayganag, similar to scrambled eggs. This is far tastier. It’s cooked with butter, which gives it delicious taste, added to it tomatoes and onions. All of this goes along with a cup of sweet black tea.


Considering the fact that everyone is working in daytime, Azerbaijani people give an extreme importance to dinner. Whole family members gather and share their feelings, emotions.

Dishes differ from a season to another. For instance; in summer, people prefer to eat fresh salads, vegetables, and fruits, in order to rehydrate the body from the day heat. One of the most typical dishes is Watermelon with cheese. While in winter, it’s common to cook heavy and hot meals. Like Xangal, Dusbere, Piti and Ash.

Sweets and Pastries:

After having a big satisfying meal for sure, you would like to end it with a great sweet. Azerbaijan is full of wonderful choices of sweets and guesses what in each area you will find different verities. some of the most famous sweets are pakhlava, shakarbura, Halva ( Shaki Halvasi), Bamya, Noghul, pancakes with jam or sweet cheese and parvarda.

Azerbaijani pastries vary and have many kinds. We are going to talk about one special pastry that considered at the same time sweet “Pakhlava”. In Azerbaijan, Pakhlava represents the land and the stars when it’s shaped like diamonds. It’s made with nuts, oil, honey and lots of sugar. You will find here Turkish Pakhlava is very different. It’s called Sekerbura and it represents the moon and decorated with a special line. Boys used to see the lines and the girl that made the most beautiful lines is chosen as a wife. Nevertheless, do not worry pakhlava is easy to make.

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