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Getting Lost in History: Palazzo Pitti

Florence - Author City Chief: Gülfem

Is it really possible to visit the Italian city of art, Florence or Firenze as it’s called in Italian, and not feel lost in time?  Florence has its unique way of alluring the visitors. 

The city, known mostly as the birthplace of Renaissance, makes the visitors travel through time with its gorgeous architecture and monuments.  Even though it’s one of the common features of almost every Italian city, Florence has just something peculiar to it. 

The top attractions of the city are often regarded as Ponte Vecchio, Piazza del Duomo, Galleria dell’Accademia, Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Vecchio. However; there is a rather overlooked part of the other side of River Arno.  

Palazzo Pitti, the city’s biggest museum-palace which encompasses the famous Boboli Gardens, is frequently missed out on the must-see list while visiting Florence.  However; I urge you to not miss this amazing opportunity for a time travel towards the middle ages, where you will meet the most significant collections of sculptures, paintings and art.

Located only a short distance from Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti is not only within easy reach but also very central. The palace was built initially for the Pitti family in 1457, however; was used as the primary residence of the most famous ducal family of Florence, Medici’s, later on. Considering its rich background, the palace hosts some of the most important exhibitions in the city. Palatine Gallery, which resides on the first floor of the complex, welcomes the visitors with the largest amount of paintings in the world consisting artworks of Renaissance from Raphael, Botticelli, Caravaggio and Rubens. Further along the way;  Royal Apartments, Gallery of Modern Art, Silver, Porcelain and Costume Galleries provide a look into the lives of Medici dukes and Tuscan art of the period. 

Right after the short time-travel inside the glamorous Palazzo Pitti, one can feel lost once again inside the Boboli Gardens which is situated right behind the Palace. Even though the ticket to this wonderland is bought separately, it surely pays off after a stroll in this open-air museum as it’s considered among the first 16th-century Italian-style gardens.  It is also worth mentioning that Boboli Gardens is a part of World Heritage Sites(UNESCO).

In a nutshell, the whole experience makes the visitor go back to centuries ago where you can walk together with the great dukes of Tuscany under the most beautiful views of Florence.

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