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Getting lost in nightlife of Belgrade: Guaranteed Experience

Belgrade - Author City Chief: Emre

If you are one of a traveller that often get your backpack and start to visit countries that has many opportunities to have fun, capital of the Serbia, Belgrade, maybe the best option that one can take into consideration. 

Starting with so-called gourmet restaurants with unlimited options may fascinate you if you are really into this kind of a trip. One of the best options for eating in a great restaurant is the area called “Beton Hala”. There you can enjoy your dinner with a view of the river near you and feel the pulse of the citizens of Belgrade. My favourite restaurant is “Ambar” where you can find local foods with some gourmet touches from experienced chefs of the place. After that, you can enjoy the music coming from the bar “Frida” and continue your night in clubs. However, if you don't prefer this area, you can always have some another opportunity to eat in Belgrade. “Villa Masa”, which is close to Saint Sava Church, is one of the best restaurants in the city. If you want to have your dinner in a place that is close to the centre, then you may want to taste great local foods of “Malafabrika”.

When your stomach is full and ready for the nightlife, then its time to have much of a fun in Belgrade. However, city’s nightlife depends on the season and there are two types of clubs including summer and winter ones. If you are planning to visit Belgrade between May and October you can feel yourself lucky because area called Splav is open where you can try limitless options of clubs near the river. For me the best one is yet called “Shake’ Shake” that normally preferred by much of a local community. There is also “Freestyler” and “Club 94” to explore out there. You should be careful about the days you are visiting clubs because they are making concept nights like Serbian music or Hip-Hop. So if you don't want to dance with some local music you should check the dates for the clubs calendar. 

You are always expected to have your reservation in advance so don't go to clubs with a spontaneous adventure.

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