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Hidden treasure of Istiklal Street: Turkish German Bookstore & Cafe / Türk Alman Kitapevi Cafe

Istanbul - Author City Chief: Cansu

Everything changes so fast. Beyoğlu is changing fast. However, some places are resistant to change. If you want to get away from the city's chaos, let's takeout to the Turkish German Bookstore, the secret treasure of Istiklal Street. The tunnel on the way to Istiklal Avenue, located on the left before the Swedish Consulate, Turkish, German Bookstores since 1955, serving coffee, books, music, design with an admirable place.

Founded by Austrian Franz Mühlbauer in 1955, his son Thomas Mühlbauer now operates the bookshop.After the fire in 2015, the cafe concept is added to the format of the bookshop. There are many sources of German and German books, translations as well as German literature. You can also buy German books, Turkish translations of Turkish works and find Turkish authors here.

German-Turkish bookstore, which is filled with books from top to bottom all over, literally having the air of Berlin on the top floor guests. Fresh coffee is roasted every week and green cores are used. A lovely piece of music, along with various coffees and delicious desserts accompanied by a selection of work, is an ideal venue to meet friends.

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