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How to be a 'Berliner' for one day

Berlin - Author City Chief: İsmail

A ‘Berlin day’ means 72 hours from Friday to Sunday, full of fun and pleasure. 

You should schedule your trip considering that. Let’s start slowly. 

  • The middle of the city is Alexanderplatz and our starting point.
  • Start your adventure by eating the famous Berlin currywurst sandwich (hotdog of American).
  • Visit Berliner Fernsehturm (TV tower) called “TeleSpargel” by the Berliners, which literally translates to ‘TV asparagus’- reserve your tickets online so you don’t have to wait in line for hours like a tourist. You will able to see the city from heaven. 
  • Walk into Berliner Dom which is the biggest Protestant church in Germany. Not much far. Don’t forget to take a photo in front of Berliner Dom. 
  • Get lost on Museum Island. Walk around the museums. Decide which one do you want to visit. (Pergamonmuseum) Get in to have great artsy moments during time-travel.
  • When you leave Museum Island, enter the boulevard called Unter den Linden till the famous gate. Don’t forget to look up for souvenirs.
  • Brandenburg Tor is Berlin's most famous landmark. A symbol of Berlin and German division during the Cold War, it is a national symbol of peace and unity. Take a photo to show your peace and unity to the World in front of the gate. 
  • Reichstag. Berlin is the city where German history is written. After much renovation, the Reichstag is now the home of the “Bundestag” (the house of Parliament). Don’t forget to book before to go on time.
  • To finish the first day, go to have traditional German dinner at a closest local German restaurant. Slow resting night at the beginning of the weekend. 
  • First night stays calm. Go to any local bar to have a slow drink to meet any friendly local stranger. 
  • Use Ubahn or Sbahn. You will see colourful and dreamy party crowd of Berlin inside trains on Friday night. In addition, you can use free wifi at Ubahn stations. 
  • Wake up late on Saturday. Take a quick shower to get awake.
  • Time to have brunch. Go to a local cafe to support local stores like Berliners do. Eat ein Berliner (Ich bin ein Berliner) and drink morning coffee. 
  • Rent a bike and experience the city with it.
  • Buy Club Mate or Bio smoothie like real Berliner drink before feeling thirsty. 
  • Get lost in urban forest Tiergarten for a while. Take a break for a picnic with snacks in your bag. What will you see may surprise. The rabbit of Alice, nude people, ravens…
  • Seek the Siegessäule (“Victory Column”) in the middle of the Tiergarten. It gives you a wonderful view of the whole city and a nice panorama including the TV tower.
  • Next to Tiergarten in Ebertstrasse, there is the Holocaust Memorial which reminds the Jewish victims of the Shoa.
  • Ebertstrasse will take you towards the skyscrapers at Potsdamer Platz which is the downtown of Berlin like in US cities. There is famous Sony Center with its modern architecture. The architectural ornament flower building of the city in different colours. 
  • East Side Gallery is the longest open-air gallery in the world. Take a photo in front of your favourite graffiti. Thierry Noir is the most famous artist with his graffitis on the Wall. 
  • After a long walk around the Wall feeling hungry? When you crossed the famous Oberbaumbrücke you will see the famous burger place Burgermeister. You need to wait for a little to taste the most delicious burgers of Berlin.
  • Chill in front of any Späti as after dinner or pre-club drink. Don’t forget to leave your drink bottles on the street to help homeless people.
  • You will realize many famous photo automats all around the city. 4 for 2 euro. Don't skip them for a little fun.
  • If you feel relaxed enough, let´s go to the area around Warschauer straße in Friedrichshain which is famous for its bars and clubs. 
  • Did you dance and have fun enough around? After midnight around morning try to enter Berghain for more. Stay cool. Wear black.
  • If you are not allowed to enter, go to another club like Katerblau next to Spree river to watch a sunrise in the club.
  • Hours after sunrise time to have Sunday Funday at Mauerpark. Food Bazaar, flea markets, karaoke, and animation show. 
  • Before sunset go to eat the most famous food Mustafa´s Gemüse döner kebab and Turkish national drink Ayran. Go early because you will wait for it. 
  • Enjoy your sandwich at the top of Victoria park with city sunset view. 
  • That can be your Berlin day. Have a happy smile on your face and share your great memories. Feel the Zeitgeist!
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