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Italy and coffee culture: Let's explore the famous historic cafes in Florence

Florence - Author City Chief: Pınar

Coffee is what would spring to mind if you thought about Italy; and when you think of coffee, espresso comes to mind. Italy, as a very touristic country with its traditional cuisine and desserts, is the birthplace of espresso. The “Italian coffee culture” that we hear a lot means espresso with plenty of cream here.

Coffee simply integrates with life in Italy. That’s because it’s a taste that people seek for even after they eat famous kinds of pasta and pizza. As for coffee, it’s drunk in a different manner in this country. The concepts of the famous coffee shops are different than in the other countries. Florance, which is considered to be the mecca of art in Italy, is one of the most important cities in Europe. To watch the encounter between coffee and history in Italy, let’s make a trip to the famous cafés in Florence.

1.Caffe Gilli: A day-long adventure from 1733

Yes. Caffe Gilli is Florence’s most historic and famous cafe. This is a pastry shop at the same time. It’s waiting for you with its coffee, assorted tea, delicious Tiramisu dessert, hand-made chocolates and cakes. / Via Roma, 1/R - 50123 Firenze

2.Caffe Rivoire: A fabulous terrace cafe

You can catch the perfect match of coffee and chocolate dessert in the city's best terrace. The cafe, which has been serving since 1872, is one of Florence's oldest cafes. / Angolo Via Vacchereccia 4 / R Firenze

3. Caffe Concerto Paszkowski: In the centre of Florence, a cultural coffee house

In the nineteenth century, it started to be a brewery in a Jewish ghetto. Today, this is an indispensable place with its live music for its customers. / Piazza Della Repubblica, 35 / R - 50123 Firenze

4. Caffe Scudieri: Always a popular place

Being established in 1939, it is among the favourite places of the local people with its fast coffee and sweet snacks. It is located in one of Italy's most iconic squares. For this reason, the terrace view is worth seeing. / Piazza San Giovanni, 19 / R - 50123 Firenze

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