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Turkish Blogger Says: How is transportation in Kyiv

Kyiv - Author City Chief: Citiletter

Due to the size of its green spaces, Kyiv, Goethe calls it as the "city within the park",  stands out with its historical riches and natural beauties.

The most convenient form of public transportation in Kyiv is the metro. Thanks to the subway lines in Kyiv, one of the most developed networks in the world, you can easily reach all the spots without being affected by the traffic. All you have to do to travel on the subway lines is to buy single-use coins.

Other public transportation options that you can use to travel in the city include trams and trolleys.

In the taxis you can choose for a comfortable journey, it is quite common in the Eastern European countries to see illegal taxis that you must stay away. I strongly recommend that you choose those with official markings instead of these vehicles that charge exorbitant prices and that are not safe. Official taxis are cheaper than the ones we have in Turkey.

Transportation between Kyiv Airport - City Center: You can choose Marshrutka mini busses or Skybuses in the airport to get to the city centre and this takes about 1 hour. For a comfortable journey instead of public transportation, the last option you would consider for transportation between Kyiv Airport and city centre are taxis.

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