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Turkish Blogger Says: What to eat in Belgrade?

Belgrade - Author City Chief: Citiletter

Belgrade, the birthplace of the Visca culture, one of the most important cultures of prehistoric Europe, has been at the centre of important military and political events throughout its history. The natural beauty of the past, as well as its cultural and architectural richness, make it one of the places of interest in Eastern Europe.

The consumption of meat is very common in the Serbian cuisine, where the geographical position brings the richly delicious dishes together. Kajmak, which is a meat dish in this culinary culture in which spices and especially bitter tastes have a special place, Cevapcici Kebab similar to Inegol meatball and fish soup Riblja are outstanding flavours. In the Serbian food culture, which resembles Mediterranean, Austrian and Hungarian cuisine, you can also encounter with familiar dishes like rice, stew, meatballs.

Most of the restaurants in the city are located on the Knez Mihailova, Strahinjica and Skardarlija streets. The prices are pretty reasonable in these restaurants where you can find all the delicacies I have mentioned above. If you do not consume, ask whether they use pork for your chosen meal before ordering.

In Belgrade, where there are many shops that serve delicious pizzas, you can also choose fast food products other than restaurants that serve local flavours. You can also find various snacks as well as many pastries at reasonable prices in places called Pekara.

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