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What is the best shopping mall in Istanbul? Whole Shopping Mall List in here.

Istanbul - Author City Chief: Fatih

New malls are building almost day by day in Istanbul which has the most shopping centres in Europe :) So, many options for Istanbulians and tourists have begun to appear. Although people either prefer shopping centres close to the house they live in or popular shopping centres close to public transport routes; some large shopping malls are getting too much attention even if they are far away. Therefore, you may be wondering where is the best shopping mall in Istanbul. In this article, I analysed the shopping malls in Istanbul and created an exclusive archive that you will not find elsewhere. Moreover, I keep it up to date with new information every month.

Which one of the best shopping malls in Istanbul? What shopping malls are addressing to which visitors? Let’s take a look at the biggest and most exciting shopping malls in Istanbul.

For those who like to travel by public transport, I added some alternatives about how to go them by public transport.

The last updated on this content is May 2019.

Isfanbul (Formerly: Vialand)

With its theme park and shopping centre concept, Vialand (the former name of Isfanbul) has become the best attraction centre in Istanbul and has welcomed millions of visitors since its opening. They had renewed their identity and met his visitor again with the name is Isfanbul last year.

You can go there only by buses and shuttles from most popular points of Istanbul like Taksim, Zincirlikuyu, Yenikapi, Şişli, Mecidiyeköy, Bakırköy. The other public transportation alternatives such as metro and cable car lines are currently under construction; I hope they will be on service next months.

The most significant theme park of Turkey is İsfanbul Tema Park; outdoor shopping concept is İsfanbul Shopping Center, event and show centre is İsfanbul Show Center, an indoor zoo is Jungle Istanbul have located within İsfanbul.

Forum Istanbul

Forum Istanbul, which is one of the most significant shopping centre projects in Turkey, has been a prominent voice since its opening.

Forum Istanbul, which also houses other large concept stores such as IKEA, Koçtaş, CarrefourSA and Decathlon, is located next to Büyük Istanbul Bus Terminal and within Bayrampaşa district boundaries.

The most comfortable transportation to Forum Istanbul was provided via M1A Yenikapı-Airport Metro Line and M1B Yenikapı-Kirazlı Metro Line’s Kocatepe Station.

Marmara Forum

Marmara Forum has located in Osmaniye, Bakırköy, at the exact intersection of Zeytinburnu, Güngören, Bahçelievler and Bakırköy districts. The project consists of two main buildings that merge with parking lots from the middle. (The office part of the project had transferred as an additional building to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality). Marmara Forum also has large concept stores such as CarrefourSA, Media Markt, Bauhaus and Decathlon.

To reach Marmara Forum, you can use T1 Bağcılar-Zeytinburnu-Kabataş Tram Line, M1A Ataturk Airport – Yenikapı Metro Line and Metrobus line at Zeytinburnu station. You have to take a little walk after getting off at Zeytinburnu Station.

Also, MR10 Zeytinburnu-Kazlıçeşme bus departing from Kazlıçeşme Marmaray station to the mall.

Mall of Istanbul

Although far from the central areas of Istanbul, Mall Of Istanbul sits on the throne as Istanbul’s largest shopping mall in its size.

The mall, which houses hundreds of popular stores, will also undertake a significant role with the Kanal Istanbul project due to the population of Istanbul will shift to those areas soon. So, It is possible to say the Mall Of Istanbul will become the king of the new Istanbul.

You can reach the project by taking a long walk through the “İkitelli Sanayi” station of M3 Kirazlı-Olympic Stadium-Başakşehir Metrokent Metro. There are also express buses going here from Yenikapi/Aksaray.

Emaar Square Mall

Emaar Square Mall, one of the most significant shopping centre projects of the Anatolian Side, is located in Libadiye as a very new shopping mall opened in 2017. The Dubai based Emaar group’s first investment in Turkey includes a large aquarium and a worldwide luxury French brand which is Galeries Lafayette.

The most accessible access to Shopping Center by public transport is the 8E, 9K, 11E, 14B, 14DK, 14ES, 15BK, 15SK, 15YK, 15ÇK and 129T buses, mostly passing through Göztepe bus stop on E-5 Highway. The closest bus station of the mall is “Mobilyacilar Carsisi”

Venezia Mega Outlet (Formerly: Viaport Venezia)

Venezia Mega Outlet transports the streets, architecture, gondola and canals of Venice to Istanbul. The name of the project, which started with the title Viaport Venezia, was later changed to Venezia Mega Outlet.

Metris station of T4 Topkapi-Habibler-Mescidi Selam Tramline is the easy way to go there. Another transportation alternative will be the “Karadeniz Mahallesi” station of Kabataş-Beşiktaş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Line, which is under construction.


Anatolian Side has just received new style shopping centre projects. The Hilltown project in Küçükyalı is one of the unique semi-open-air shopping malls with sea views. Transportation to the mall has provided from Küçükyalı stop of M4 Kadikoy – Tavşantepe Metro Line. It is also possible to reach with essential bus lines such as 500T passing through the E-5 highway.

Akasya Acıbadem

Built on one of the most valuable lands of the Anatolian Side, Akasya Shopping Center has become one of the most luxurious living centres of the Asia Side of Istanbul. Transportation to the mall is possible via M4 Kadıköy-Tavşantepe Metro Line’s “Ünalan” station and Metrobus Line’s “Uzunçayır” station. It is also possible to reach by many bus lines passing through the E-5 Highway.

Viaport Asia

Viaport Asia, one of the best shopping malls with its open-air concept on the Anatolian Side, has been entertaining and welcoming visitors for many years. The shopping centre in Kurtköy, which also has an amusement park in its open area, is also preferred because it is close to Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

The best transportation to Viaport is “Dedepaşa Bulvarı” stop of 130H, 132K, 133Ü, 134 and KM25 buses.

Viaport Marina

A marina in Tuzla district, located at the exit of the Anatolian side of Istanbul, was renovated and transformed into a Viaport Marina project. Now the area is both a marina, an outdoor shopping centre and a theme park.

Transportation to Viaport Marina, which carries ViaSea Theme Park, the second-largest themed park in Turkey, is quite tricky if you do not have a private car. You can get off at the “Marmados Sitesi” stop of Kadıköy-Tuzla buses with the number 130. Also, it is possible to reach via "Tuzla" station of the Marmaray Line.


Cevahir Shopping Mall, the oldest favourite of Istanbul, continues to increase its popularity. Cevahir, located in Şişli, Mecidiyeköy is one of the most visited shopping malls in the city. You can reach there via M2 Yenikapi-Hacıosman Metro Line’s “Sisli-Mecidiyeköy” station or “Mecidiyeköy” Station of the Metrobus Line.

Also, Mecidiyeköy buses departing from all over Istanbul are another vital alternative to getting to Cevahir. In recent years the mall has been highly attracting by Arabic tourists.

Marmara Park

Beylikduzu, which has become a brand new habitat by taking advantage of the shift of Istanbul’s population to the west, has a huge shopping centre is Marmara Park. Located parallel to the E-5 highway, Marmara Park Shopping Center welcomes visitors not only from Beylikduzu but also from most regions of Istanbul. Metrobus Line, of course, is the best transportation alternative to Marmara Park.


Istmarina, located on the coast in Kartal, began to welcome visitors with the concept of semi-open-air. Transportation has provided via buses passing by the Kartal’s coast. You can also use the minibus and bus lines leading to the beach from Kartal station of the M4 Kadıköy-Tavşantepe Metro Line. Also, it is possible to reach via "Yunus" station of the Marmaray Line.

Özdilekpark İstanbul

Özdilekpark Istanbul, located on a large estate on Büyükdere Street, which is Istanbul’s skyscrapers and large business centres, which has a vertical structure, has reached serious visitor figures since its opening. The most easy access to the shopping centre was provided via M2 Yenikapi-Hacıosman Metro Line and M6 Levent-Bogazici University Metro Line’s “Levent” station. You can also reach all bus lines passing through Levent.


Welcoming visitors for many years with its eye-filling design, Kanyon can be considered the most stylish attraction that appeals to the vanity fair community in Levent region. The project, which comes up with the concept of open-air, resembles the canyon on its name, which is one of the natural landforms. The most comfortable access to the project was provided via the “Levent” station of M2 Yenikapi-Hacıosman Metro Line and M6 Levent-Bogazici University Metro Line. You can also reach via all bus lines passing through Levent.

Zorlu Center

Addressing visitors who love a very luxurious consumption with a semi-open-air concept, Zorlu Center was located on precious land that can be considered the middle of Istanbul in terms of its location. Zorlu Center Performance Arts Center, which is part of the project, has been able to carry world-famous cultural and art events to Istanbul since its opening. The most accessible access to Zorlu Center is via M2 Yenikapi-Hacıosman Metro Line’s “Gayrettepe” station and Metrobus Line’s “Zincirlikuyu” station. You can also use several bus lines passing through this area.

Istinye Park

Istinye Park is a shopping centre that appeals to another vanity fair community located a bit far from rail transport alternatives. You can always come across a famous face every day in the shopping centre. The most comfortable access to the mall is private cars and taxis, but there are also public transportation alternatives around them. After getting off at the “ITU Ayazağa Campus” station of M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman Metro Line, you can take a long walk or drive to Istinye Park as well as many bus lines passing through Istinye.

Zeytinburnu Olivium Outlet Center

Olivium, the first Outlet shopping mall in Turkey, introducing Turkey to Outlet. Although it is one of the oldest shopping malls in Istanbul, it still hosts many visitors. The shopping mall, which has attracted the attention of Arabic tourists in recent years, is very popular with the outlet product chain. There are outlet stores of world-famous brands such as Nike, Adidas, Hummel, Puma, Mango.

You can visit the shopping centre through Kazlıçeşme station of Marmaray Line or 93T Taksim-Zeytinburnu, 93M Mecidiyeköy-Zeytinburnu, 93 Eminönü-Zeytinburnu and 93C Beyazıt-Zeytinburnu buses’ “Olivium” station. Also, T1 Bağcılar-Zeytinburnu-Kabataş tram Line’s “Seyitnizam – Akşemsettin” station is one of the other vital alternatives.


In Mecidiyeköy, one of the most central destinations in Istanbul, Trump is a favourite destination for those who want to escape the intensity of Cevahir. You can reach the mall via M2 Yenikapi-Hacıosman Metro Line’s “Sisli-Mecidiyeköy” station or directly by getting off at Mecidiyeköy station of the Metrobus Line. Mecidiyeköy buses departing from all over Istanbul are also another vital alternative to getting to Trump.

These twin towers are an investment of US President Donald Trump.


Akbatı Shopping is located in Bahçeşehir, a new life centre which is the farthest from the existing central areas of Istanbul, but very close to the new Istanbul region that will formed with the Kanal Istanbul project. The centre is among the most important places in the area with its size. But transportation is only provided by buses.

Other large-scale shopping malls (Alphabetical)

212 İstanbul Power Outlet (İkitelli), Akmerkez (Etiler), Akyaka Park (Ümraniye), Anatolium (Kartal), Arenapark (Atakent), Aqua Florya (Florya), Axis İstanbul (Bayrampaşa), Biz Cevahir Outlet (Haliç), Buyaka (Ümraniye), Brandium (Ataşehir), Capitol (Altunizade), Maltepe Park (Maltepe), Nişantaşı City's (Nişantaşı), Novada (Ataşehir), Optimum Outlet Center (Yenisahra), Palladium (Ataşehir), Piazza (Maltepe), Starcity Outlet Center(Yenibosna), Tepe Nautilus (Kadıköy), Torium (Haramidere), Ümraniye Meydan (Ümraniye), Watergarden(Ataşehir), Vadi İstanbul (Seyrantepe)

Other malls (Alphabetical)

Airport Outlet (Yenibosna), Armonipark (Sefaköy), Arissa (Silivri), Autopia Otomobil (Esenyurt), Astoria(Gayrettepe), Asitane Historia (Fatih), Ataköy Marina Park (Bakırköy), Ataköy Plus (Ataköy), Atlaspark(Sultanbeyli), Atrium (Ataköy), Axis İstanbul (Kağıthane), Beylikdüzü Migros (Beylikdüzü), Bulvar 216 (Ataşehir), Canpark (Ümraniye), Capacity (Bakırköy), Carausel (Bakırköy), Carrefour (İçerenköy), Demirören İstiklal (Taksim), Esenyurt City Center (Esenyurt), FlyInn Yeşilköy (Bakırköy), Fox City Premium Outlet (Büyükçekmece), Galleria(Ataköy), Güngören Park (Güngören), Güneşli Park (Bağcılar), Hayat Park Outlet (Küçükçekmece), HOM Design Center - Skyland İstanbul (Seyrantepe), İdealistpark (Dudullu), Kale Outlet Center (Güngören), Kozzy (Kozyatağı), M1 Merkez (Kartal), Marintürk (Pendik), Maslak 42 (Sarıyer), Mayadrom Uptown (Etiler), Maxi Center (Silivri), Merkez Kayaşehir (Kayaşehir), Metrogarden (Dudullu), Metro City (Levent), Metroport (Bahçelievler), Oasis Designer Outlet (Bağcılar), Olimpa (Başakşehir), Pendorya (Pendorya), Pelikan Mall (Avcılar), Plato (Sultanbeyli), Rings (Sancaktepe), Sapphire Çarşı (4.Levent), Zeruj Port (Zeytinburnu)

Continued construction (Alphabetical)

Büyükyalı (Zeytinburnu), Home City (Pendik), İsfanbul Designer Outlet (Eyüp), Koru Florya (Florya), Metropol İstanbul (Ataşehir), Yedi Mavi (Zeytinburnu)

Small shopping malls (Alphabetical)

Address İstanbul (Şişli), Asyapark (Dudullu), Atirus (Büyükçekmece), Aymerkez (Büyükçekmece), Beyaz City(Beylikdüzü), Beylicium (Beylikdüzü), Colony Outlet (Florya), Deposite Outlet Center (İkitelli), Espri Outlet Center(Esenler), Fabulist (Sancaktepe), İstanbul Outlet Park (Büyükçekmece), Kadir Has (Bahçelievler), Kardiyum(Çekmeköy), KemerMall (Kemerburgaz), İş Kule Çarşı (Levent), MarkaCity (Beylikdüzü), Mesa Studio (Göktürk), Mozaik Çarşı (Ataşehir), Nar Point (Ataşehir), Neomarin (Pendik), Ömür Plaza İncirli (Bakırköy), Paradise(Büyükçekmece), Pashador Cadde (Bayrampaşa), Pendik Park (Pendik), Perlavista (Beylikdüzü), Prestige Mall(Beylikdüzü), Profilo (Mecidiyeköy), Star Arena (Güngören), Town Center (Bakırköy), Veneris (Beylikdüzü), Verdemolino (Başakşehir), Wedding World (Yenibosna-Kuyumcukent), White Hill (Eyüp), World Atlantis (Kurtköy)

Closed (Alphabetical)

Akvaryum (Bayrampaşa), Green Park (Büyükçekmece), M1 Meydan Merter (Güngören), Platform Merter(Güngören), Sancak Park (Sancaktepe), Ora İstanbul (Bayrampaşa)