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Does tourism contribute to the economy of a country?

Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of any country. It generates income through the sale of goods and services, creates jobs, and helps to support local businesses. Additionally, it can act as a catalyst for development in other sectors such as infrastructure and education. By bringing in tourists and their spending, a country can experience an influx of foreign currency which will help to stimulate growth. Furthermore, tourism can help to promote cultural understanding, create global awareness, and bring people together from different backgrounds. All these factors make tourism a key economic driver for any country.

Why is international travel so difficult?

International travel is becoming increasingly difficult due to a number of reasons. These include heightened security measures, increasing travel costs, visa restrictions, and the need for travelers to have up-to-date information about their destination. Additionally, paperwork and documentation required for travel can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With the current global situation, travelers must be aware of the various regulations and laws that govern international travel in order to ensure a smooth and safe journey. As a result, international travel can be a daunting task and one that requires careful planning and preparation.

How do people in other countries spot Australian tourists?

Travellers from Australia often stand out to locals in other countries due to their distinct accent, dress sense, and mannerisms. Australians tend to be more open and direct in their speech and behaviour, which can be seen as either endearing or a bit too loud. Clothing wise, Australians often opt for bright, patterned shirts, and a hat is a common accessory. Their laidback attitude is also a tell-tale sign of their nationality. Australians are known for their love of adventure and outdoor activities, so they are often found exploring the great outdoors.

What tourist behaviors are not acceptable when visiting India?

India is a fascinating country to explore, but there are certain behaviors that are considered offensive and inappropriate when visiting. These include taking photos of people without permission, public displays of affection, wearing revealing clothing, smoking in public places and littering. It is important to respect local customs, dress appropriately, and be mindful of the impact of your actions on local communities. Respect for culture, religion, and customs is essential for a positive and enjoyable experience in India.

what is this?

Citiletter is a travel-based friendship app where the culture, agenda, urban problems, places, tastes, and events of the cities are handling via articles written by chiefs of the cities.

Travellers, students, interraillers, bloggers, tourists, researchers, and citizens meet together here.

Our main goal is to bring together all those who have the spirit of love for the cities.

why do we do this?

People who research about cities on the internet face basic pieces of information that written by professional authors who sit down their desk at offices without senses and experiences…

We provide to them real peoples and real experiences to more learn about cities, freely.


We are available in Belgrade, Berlin, Florence, Istanbul, and Kyiv as yet! You can also prioritize your city as a next destination too if you apply for becoming a chief.

Belgrade Serbia
Istanbul Turkey
Kyiv Ukraine

Next destinations: Lisbon, Portugal / London, United Kingdom / Tallinn, Estonia


A chief writes about the culture, agenda, places, tastes, and events of own cities to pass on to future generations. Because there are millions want to know it.

They help you plan your next trip by use of their self-experiences via articles, comments, and private messages.

We consider all chiefs applications and welcome them. Everyone can apply to become a chief in app.

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Available for IOS and Android