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Discover the culture, agenda, urban problems, places, tastes and events by chiefs of the cities
Meet with chiefs of the cities and read their experiences. If you want, you can also become a chief too
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what is this?

Citiletter is a travel-based friendship app where the culture, agenda, urban problems, places, tastes, and events of the cities are handling via articles written by chiefs of the cities.

Travellers, students, interraillers, bloggers, tourists, researchers, and citizens meet together here.

Our main goal is to bring together all those who have the spirit of love for the cities.

why do we do this?

People who research about cities on the internet face basic pieces of information that written by professional authors who sit down their desk at offices without senses and experiences…

We provide to them real peoples and real experiences to more learn about cities, freely.


We are available in Belgrade, Berlin, Florence, Istanbul, and Kyiv as yet! You can also prioritize your city as a next destination too if you apply for becoming a chief.

Belgrade Serbia
Istanbul Turkey
Kyiv Ukraine

Next destinations: Lisbon, Portugal / London, United Kingdom / Tallinn, Estonia


A chief writes about the culture, agenda, places, tastes, and events of own cities to pass on to future generations. Because there are millions want to know it.

They help you plan your next trip by use of their self-experiences via articles, comments, and private messages.

We consider all chiefs applications and welcome them. Everyone can apply to become a chief in app.

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Available for IOS and Android