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Berlin: The Electrechno Music Capital of the World

Berlin - Author City Chief: İsmail

What does the techno music Word remind you? Sure, BERLIN! 

Electro and Techno music come together in the city where the legendary creatures live in the dark side of corners. The most famous clubs of the world located in the centre of Berlin. 7/24 alive. 2-3 days long parties. Endless pleasure and pain like heaven or hell. Everything is pretty accessible. The most well-known DJ’s of the world play in different clubs. So, why do you wait to go for more?

First of all, if we talk about Berlin and ‘electrechno’ music, we have to mention Queen B. You know what I mean. The name of Queen B is a portmanteau of the names of the two city quarters that flank the south and north sides of the building in which the club is housed: Kreuzberg (formerly in West Berlin) and Friedrichshain (formerly in East Berlin) Actually, the building is old power plant from Eastern Germany. Now, it is the modern electricity generating station another way.  It is iconic. It is a lifestyle. It is a culture. Get lost in it and find yourself. There is plenty of humour to describe it. They are not enough. You should visit to experience it. 

The second place to mention in that list is Tresor. If you are not allowed to get in Queen B. you should try your next chance there. It locates at Köpenickerstrasse in Kraftwerk Berlin. The building is another abandoned and regenerated power plant before official unification. It is built to provide energy for Easter Berlin on the border. It is legendary. Because it is one of the first clubs after the fall of the Berlin wall. In more than 25 years, Tresor has created its own culture and label brand. On the other hand, it matched with industrial techno and Detroit city of U.S.A. Because the music style techno originated in Detroit in the mid-to-late 1980s and came to West Germany in the late 1980s. Tresor played a pivotal role in helping forge the musical link between Berlin and Detroit. Tresor was the prototype for an extraordinary club, only possible as a combination of the right time, the right place, the right content and determined people. Creative people from all around the world have flocked to Berlin and been inspired by it. Therefore, if you one from that creative class, Tresor is the best place to visit for the Berlin trip. 

The last and most colourful side of dark shades in Berlin happen in KitKat club. Experiencing this club is like having a break to your ordinary life. Inside of the club is another planet. Everything is possible. Everything is free. No rules. You can do whatever you want. The founders of the club who are liberal Austrian couple decided to try and combine two scenes together: the hippy vibes of a Goa trance party and the hardcore love action of a fetish night. Well, more than electro and techno music. The atmosphere is exotic and delightful. Nothing is extraordinary. 

Even these three clubs are enough to prove how Berlin is a magical city. There are no comparable clubs and experiences elsewhere in the world. Clubs, which are open the whole weekend nonstop, are home to many freaky music-loving individuals who come together to celebrate life, love and freedom. If you want to explore and go to Golden Modern Times, do not hesitate to experience all.

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