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Hercules and Amazon women are waiting for you on Giresun Island

Blacksea Region - Author City Chief: Fatih

There are plenty of rumours about the Giresun Island (Golden Fleece Island) in the southwest of the Black Sea; Hercules has come to search for the Golden Fleece, Greeks have conducted expeditions to search for the statue of Joseph, or Amazon Warrior Women lived by building a world far from the men. All of these make this island as a centre of the first mythological “time travel” tourism in Turkey.

Giresun Island, the only habitable island of the Black Sea Region, welcomes its visitors with its legendary features since 2015 when opened for the tourism.

This island, the only place in the Black Sea Region where Mediterranean climate is seen, is provided by ferry flights departing from the centre of Giresun. Since the island is a natural reserve, a daily visitor's maximum limit has been set to avoid disrupting its ecosystem.

Along with four species of birds under global protection, 22 species of birds live as a breeding ground, the island also serves as a natural botanical garden.

Hercules, the most important character in Greek mythology, tells you the story of finding the “golden fleece” on Giresun Island as part of a time travel project. It is also thought that the statue of Joseph was kept on this island by someone. Moreover, the Greeks have arranged more than 40 trips to Giresun Island throughout history to find this statue.

Let's take a look at the features that make Giresun Island special to other islands;

The Legend of the Golden Fleece: Heracles (Hercules) and Argonauts come by boat to the island of Giresun from Greece to find the Golden Fleece. This mythology is one of the most prominent ones in Europe. 

Amazon Legend: There is a legend that the Amazons, who are warrior women, built a world away from men on this island. 

The story of the statue of Joseph: The prophetic. The gold statue of Joseph is thought to be hidden on this island. Greeks have travelled more than 40 trips to Giresun Island throughout history to find this statue.

The Hamza Stone: Its name comes from a word that the meaning is “birth” It is believed that it gives power to people who on its circles and that it will make it easier for her to have children. 

Bird diversity: There are 22 kinds of birds and 4 of them are under global protection. Bird watching is an increasingly developing development of the environment. 

Laurel trees: The laurel has an enviable place in the mythology. Although the laurel tree is abundant on the island, it is not found elsewhere in the Black Sea.

Single Island in the Black Sea: The only habitable island in the Black Sea.

Mediterranean climate: Giresun Island is the only place in the Black Sea Region has the Mediterranean climate.

The island of Giresun, which covers a 40-acre area, includes historical ruins such as monastery ruins and fortification. With the archaeological remains unearthed by the redone Giresun Island is both a museum and a natural environment.

It is possible to visit the island by ferry departing from the city centre of Giresun. Giresun Island, a member of the world-famous concept of Time Travel (Bridging Ages), awaits your visit.


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