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House with Chimeras

Kyiv - Author City Chief: Nazlı

Vladislav Gorodezhkii, the architect of many important works in Kiev, built this building for himself for the first time but had to sell the house in his later life.  Inside and outside the building is decorated with quaint and sometimes even freakish sculptures, including maidens on fantastic fishes, elephants, antelopes, frogs, eagles, snakes and even a little crocodile. The sculptures are made of cement, and there is a legend saying that architect Gorodezhkii together with companies producing cement intended to construct a house that would be kind of advertisement for new building material. Modern historians consider this legend to be close to reality because Gorodezhkii was one of the owners of cement producing plants.

Immediately after the construction works of the House with Chimeras were completed, it became surrounded by numerous legends. One of them says that the architect planned to construct the house after the death of his daughter who drowned in Dnepr or committed suicide because of unrequited love.

There is one more legend about the house. It says that Gorodezhkii, who was a talented architect and passionate hunter, also was a sorcerer. Some people believe that he put a paternoster on his house so that only his descendants could happily live in the House with Chimeras. According to the legend, the house will bring misfortune to any stranger who would try to live in it. 

When you go Kiev you should see it. 

This palace very fantastic.

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