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Nikola Tesla is one of the people of the modern age

Belgrade - Author City Chief: Cigdem

Nikola Tesla is one of the people of the modern age who believes and understand the most difficult experiences. It is very impressive to know that all modern living practices we have today emerge with the imagination and determination of a man. Beyond the identity of the scientist, Tesla continues to surprise us as ordinary people even today with his imagination is far beyond the bounds of time almost a 100 years later. In the light of all this admiration and greatness, visitors go to Nikola Tesla museum with high expectations. However, it can be said that the museum is disappointing at some levels because it can not adequately reflect his vision and his powerful imagination.

Nikola Tesla Museum architecture is designed Belgrade in 1927 by Dragiša Brašovan, a 20th-century modernist architect of Yugoslavia in 1927. Use of the building as a museum continues until 1952.

After the structural renovation of the museum in 2006, Tesla's 160,000 original documents and about 5700 personal items are exhibited.

The museum exhibition design is planned as a single floor and this floor is divided into seven areas to create a visitor circulation scenario.

In the first place, There is an exhibition in a wide spectrum that involves from Tesla’s school documents to photographs with other scientists.

In the second place, there are many personal items ranging from Tesla's clothes to theatre tickets.

The design of the exhibition units is far from emphasizing the importance of the works exhibited. The parquet used in the floor coverings and the carpet in certain areas strengthen the same mood.

In the third area, Tesla's ashes are displayed in a copper sphere on a marble scale in front of a black background. It is a dramatic effect that this area has been edited after all the personal items.

In the fourth area, there is a corridor where Tesla's electric adventure is told. It is also very inefficient due to the shortage of display space and the video display area located next to it at the same time.

In the fifth area, there are many important inventions accompany with video information, such as Tesla's experiments on the Columbian Egg, the Tesla motor he built, and a model showing how a small town would illuminate. At this area firstly a short information video display is being watched to the visitors. Then, the models are operated and informed through a guide. The possibility of an interactive experience in this space of the place makes the space more active. Apart from the visual sensation, the museum experience adds other senses - healing, touching, smelling.

The sixth area is the best place to get involved in the visitor's mind. In this area, famous Tesla Coil, completed in Colorado Springs and Los Angeles laboratories, is an exhibited with an interactive experience. This invention, which is a small model of Tesla's worldwide wireless electricity experiment, continues to amaze even a hundred years later.

The seventh area is the area where the first experiments of the remote control are shown. The carelessness of all the fiction of the place also manifests itself here. The display units are illuminated with blue old fashioned fluorescents and cables apparently hanging from the ceiling create a very ironic scene with Tesla who has devoted his life to wireless electrical transmission around the world.

Even if the museum fiction, space planning and design remain in the shadow of this genius that changed all modern living fiction of the 20th century, it is worth visiting for the interactive experience of Tesla's major inventions. The museum at Belgrade Krunska 51 is easily reached on foot from Taşmeydan or Slavija Square.

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