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Princes Island: Places must be seen and visited in Istanbul

Istanbul - Author City Chief: Yesim

Obviously, there can be numbered lots of places which are attractive for tourists to visit in Istanbul.  Many tourists like exploring the natural environment of the cities such as shopping stores and walking on the road freely or sitting in a cafe and talking with natives. On the other hand, some tourists are proud of visiting museums or same kind of buildings belongs to ancient times. Suggestions change according to personal preferences, but some places always catch the attention of every tourist. One of the special places in Istanbul is Prince’ Islands: Kınalıada, Burgazada, Heybeliada, Buyukada. Especially Buyukada (Big Island) is very well-known and most visited island by tourists. 

How to arrive in the Prince’ Islands? 

You can travel by boat and ferries. These depart from Besiktas, Kadikoy or Eminonu docks and move in regular times. (Please note: Kabatas ferry docks closed until second half of 2018). Ferries belong to Sehir Hatları and they take too much time (almost 2 hours) until reaching to last island (which is called as Buyukada). Ticket in one way is 5.20 TL if you do not have Istanbul card. (

You can also use motorboat which belongs to Turyol. Boats depart from Kadikoy, Karakoy, Bakirkoy and Eminonu. You can arrive in Buyukada quicker than (Tariffs can be controlled from this link Ticket in one way is between 6-10 Turkish lira.

Please note: Do not forget feeding seagulls while you are travelling by boats and ferries. Men who sell Turkish bagel-simit might help you ????

How can you feel Prince Island atmosphere?

There are no motorized vehicles in Prince Islands and bicycles can be hired almost 25-30 Turkish lira for all day. You can walk listening whistle of vapours and bells of bicycles at the same time. If you visit in the summer season, do not forget to bring your towels and bathing suits to swim in the Marmara Sea before tasting delicious ice cream as a prize yourself. Another alternative is (if you visit Big Island) climbing to Aya Yorgi Church and get inside or look at the excellent scene around of Island. Then, you may eat fish and taste of Turkish Raki (a kind of alcohol) and impressive songs at night. To feel the soul of islands, you should stay at least one night and check the hotel prices. One Night stay room price is nearly 150-200 TL for two people in the winter season.

Be careful: In the summer season, room price is getting higher and multiplied 2 or 3 times.

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