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The 5 important things that you should know about Istanbul’s Taxis / Cabs

Istanbul - Author City Chief: Fatih

Taxis or Cabs that nearly we can call them as one of the luxury transportation vehicles might be the most dangerous vehicles at the same time for each city. Of course, Istanbul is one of this cities that faces the same problem too.

I want you to be safe. That's why I have written this article for you.

1 - The minimum fare is 10 TL for each journey.

This one is the very important thing that you should know. Because in Istanbul, the fares are really cheap if we consider with distances, but you have to pay attention to minimum fare rule. What does it mean? For example: If your journey ends up with 8.50 TL fare, you should pay a minimum 10 TL to the driver due to minimum fare rule.

In case of your journey fare above 10 TL, you will pay the fare that wrote on the taximeter. Please don't discuss this with the driver.

2 - The fare writes on the taximeter.

Like most taxi in the world, the fare writes on the taximeter at Istanbul too. There are different places for the position of them in the vehicle. Taximeters generally positioned on the rear-view window, below the car radio or in front of the front passenger seat. You can see the fare and pay via cash.

3 - Use mobile applications to call a yellow taxi.

The safest way to have a taxi journey is to use mobile applications. You can use plenty of application in Istanbul. The most popular ones are: Uber, Bitaksi and iTaksi

In all the cities of the world as it is, you can use Uber in Istanbul. There are just 3 type of vehicles to call in the Uber app: Yellow Taxi, UberXL and UberFamily (Yes, it is possible to call a yellow taxi in the Uber app). Call and pay with your credit card or cash.

Another mobile application is BiTaksi that is one of the most popular start-up projects in Turkey. It is possible to call a yellow taxi everywhere via this app. You can pay with your credit card or cash like the Uber.

And the new one is iTaksi that developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It works as same as Uber. It is totally legal and each journey is under the record via CCTV. You can call a yellow taxi (cheapest one), a turquoise taxi (It is a bit expensive. The Tesla's electric cars are being used) or a black taxi (most expensive and very luxury) with this app.

Also, you can calculate all fares to point of arrival from your location via these apps to not be defrauded.

4 - Don't call an Uber near of the Taxis :)

In this year, Istanbul's taxis have some issues with Uber. They don't want to share their income with Uber vehicles that they think they are not legal. Even if Uber is legal and paying tax in Turkey, some taxi driver might stop them and use violence. To don't come across with the same situation, please don't call an Uber at a place that covered by yellow taxis.

5 - Feel free to use navigation during your journey

Even if you use mobile applications for your journey, you have to pay attention to the route. Some ill-wisher drivers might use a long road to transport you to earn more foreign currency. Because of this, please open your navigation and feel free to say something about your route to them. Yandex.Navi, Google Maps and Apple Maps are the most popular navigation apps in Turkey that you can see live traffic density. 

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