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Turkish Blogger Says: What to eat in Kyiv

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Due to the size of its green spaces, Kyiv, Goethe calls it as the "city within the park",  stands out with its historical riches and natural beauties.

Soviet influence can be observed in terms of eating and drinking variety in Kyiv as it is in every area. Prominent local delicacies in the city, where vodka consumption is prevalent due to the effect of cold weather, are the dishes cooked using freshwater fish and chicken. The most consumed freshwater fish are marinated or dehydrated carp, pike and Myrtle fish. Among the chicken dishes, Kievski is the flavour that I recommend you to give priority to taste.

The dishes you can taste in Kyiv do not consist only of Soviet cuisine. In Kyiv, a leading destination of Eastern Europe in terms of culture and leisure tourism, you can easily see restaurants offering outstanding examples of Italian, French, American, Japanese and Chinese cuisine as well.

If you are looking for more familiar tastes instead of a local culinary culture rich with soups and pieces of bread, you can opt for fast food restaurants such as McDonald's in the city centre, or places offering Turkish dishes such as "Gourmet".

The red beer and the famous mantle of Varenyky, which is prepared with meat, cheese or potatoes are the local delicacies that I will recommend you taste. Pork use is prevalent, for this reason, you better ask the ingredients when placing an order. When you buy water, you need to specify it as regular, not carbonated.

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